Tuesday, October 30, 2012

meet Jes

hey all! this is a quick post to introduce you to Jes, one of my dearest friends who you will be seeing as a guest poster here on silly = sane.

Jes has three children -- two boys ages 8 and nearly 10, and a girl age 4 -- and i've had so much fun watching these kids grow up. (that's them on the right. cutie patooties!)

in high school, it was Jes who roped me into many of the activities that forged my future career path (wow!). when we were in college, it was Jes who introduced me to coffee (God bless the woman!). and since forming families, it's been Jes who i most often look to as a model of parenting (and how!). this is a momma with serious silly parenting skills. she's a master, y'all. and as you'll see, her posts carry that same humorous approach to life. she would want me to say that she's still learning the ropes. but, then, aren't we all?

so be sure to check out her first post, and stay tuned for more...

welcome, Jes!

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