Monday, October 29, 2012

book pick: Meow Said the Cow

what kind of tricks does that Cat have up his sleeve now? sick of the Rooster's early-morning crow, he changes things up around the barnyard. it's a tower of bah-bel (bah-dum-ching). but when Cat chases after a whiskered treat, he finds his tricks turned back on him.

with Halloween this week, we figured a little magic might be in order, even of the completely random kind. (the cat does magic? um, ok.) i had to read through this book once to get the hang of the story and rhyming. and after that, my girls had me reading it over and over again. anytime i get a "that's silly, Mom," i figure it's ripe for a silly = sane book pick. i mean, they used the word "silly"!

Meow Said the Cow reminds me of another book that switches things up on readers (although not by magic). Adventures of Cow, Too has Cow, the Huggable Holstein, going to the supermarket for his mom to buy some key items. but as we discover, in Cow's world, a bowl of ice cream means frozen peas, and going to the movies means watching laundry, and his dad is a penguin-shaped doorstop (you should see the rest of his family).

when the kids are very young, these types of books are probably only confusing -- either that, or great for some one-on-one review (what sound does a sheep really make?). but the older ones get the joke, and in our house that means the younger sibling gets it too.

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