Monday, October 22, 2012

book pick: Dragons Love Tacos

did you know? Dragons Love Tacos. (but, then, who doesn't?)

i think this a book for boys. a boy is the central (human) character. and the writer and illustrator look like the types who haven't forgotten a good poop joke. no girls, no parents. and the story builds to an epic explosion. but i credit the fanciful illustrations and deadpan writing for getting my two daughters on board. it's a favorite, for sure. they wish that Taco Cave were a real destination. (i remain ok with a simple run for the border. bong.)

the dragon-loving boy in this story learns how to cozy up to his favorite flying friends by currying favor with tacos. buckets, pants-loads, and a boat's worth. but he forgot one thing: dragons can't have spicy salsa. it upsets their dragon tummies. and, when that happens, well – watch out. let's just say, he won't make that mistake again. and dragons? not scary at all. they are actually quite tame, love a good game of charades, hold pool parties – and are handy with a hammer for the reconstruction effort.

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