Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Parenting children sometimes requires acting like them. That's the idea behind silly = sane, a blogging community that recognizes that remembering the carefree parts of being a child—by celebrating them with our own—is what helps keep the crazy away. We share parenting strategies that work, thoughts about poop and burnt dinners, picture books and music that keep everyone happy—all with a healthy dose of humor. Our contributors:

... is a writer mom of two splendid girls who is continually reminded how awesome it is to be a kid (or just act like one). A freelance writer, she works from home to focus on her two precocious bling-lovers. Together, they seek to enjoy the most beautiful corner of the world, the Pacific Northwest, where they devour books, play monster tag and ponder the redeemable qualities of Disney princesses. You can reach Melissa at sillyissane@gmail.com.


... is a writer/teacher mom of three spirited children each styling an epic personality. Good thing, too, as she is always up for an adventure! Whether it is creating stories, geeking out on board games, endlessly planning her garden or making a huge mess in the kitchen, she is known to face parenting with a good dose of humor and mythic nerdiness—the essential ingredients to becoming the Geekiest Mom on the Block, a title she boasts with pride. You can reach Jesikah at myles.jes@gmail.com

... is the stay-at-home mother to three wonderful young stay-at-home children (due to age, no homeschooling here). They attempt to peacefully coexist in rural Kitsap County using cooking, crafting, gardening and a lot of humor. Many a Pinterest idea has been executed by Pavette, often with results that would likely be shunned from the Pinterest community due to non-conformity. Contact Pavette using this email address: pavette at gmail dot com.

One more thing... Some of our posts may contain affiliate links, like when we recommend books. We're not out to get rich off this blog (good gravy, we're not that naive), but hey, if you're buying anyway... Learn more of the legal mumbo-jumbo on the disclosures page.

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