Saturday, January 11, 2014

get your flu shot

original image from DJ Crazy Gabe via Flickr

the flu is going around and slacker me hit panic mode and brought the girls in for the vaccine today, the latest i've ever gone. i had figured it was too late. turns out it's not. Sweet One asked why we needed to do this. i was sick of answering the question like a first-grade scientist. so i went with the simple explanation: "we get a poke so we don't puke."

the explanation worked, and off we went. the girls did great. they looked at a calendar picture of a puppy while they got their squeeze-n-poke. and, hey, there's stickers. you can't argue with the lure of stickers. i will never understand that. the stickers rarely last. it's not uncommon, in fact, for them to end up on the floor of the car before we get home. and yet... "oooh! stickers!" hey, whatever works. i don't need a sticker. i did, however, need that puppy to look at. needles freak me out. but like spiders, i can kick that duty's arse if my girls are around. i morph from wimpy me into Super Mom. "just watch Mommy, sweeties, there's nothing to it."

no, really, there's nothing to it.