Thursday, January 17, 2013

pulling rank

i've been filing away those precious lines that seem to get through my kids' cute skulls with silly-sanisms, lines to use on your kids. so far, we've dove into the sea and rocketed into the future for inspiration. this week, i want to give a shout-out to Colleen over at Mommie Daze, an awesome blogger from my old stomping grounds in West Michigan. since starting this blog, i've come across many talented (and veteran) writers, and Mommie Daze has some great stuff going on – with that humorous quality i value, to boot.

Colleen has a list of Things Only a Parent Would Say, and this recent one really got me laughing:

Mommie Daze line to use on your kids: "I was not born yesterday. You were."

i like to think of this as a variation on the more traditional "because i said so" vein of parental verbiage. sometimes kids have to be reminded of their place. it's a place of cuteness and overflowing love and squishy tushies. but also a place of fortheloveofallthatisholy-would-you-just-listen-to-your-mother?

this could also serve as a great diversionary tactic. i can already sense how this might go down with my 5-year-old.

"Sweet One, stop that."

"grumble, grumble"

"Sweetie, i need you to stop that right now."

"ugh! why Mom?!"

"just stop it."

"argh! i don't want to! whyyyyyyyyyy?"

"because i was not born yesterday. you were."

crickets, crickets, crickets

"no i wasn't. i was born in June!" moment of thought "how long 'til my birthday, Mom? is it the day after this day?"

and, badabingbottaboom, we're on to a new topic.

what ways do you put a spin on "because i told you so?" have any lines of your own to share that have worked on your kids? comment on this post, or email

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Sarcasm that goes over their heads it perfect for throwing them off their game and changing the subject!