Thursday, October 18, 2012


here's what you need to know:

 - i write about what i write. i don't write about a specific book, music album or product with the sole intention of making money off it. if i recommend something, it's because our family has enjoyed it and we think yours might too.

 - so, i make a recommendation. does that mean i think you should buy it? no! personally, i'm a garage-sale shopper. and our library card is very well-used!

 that said, you also need to know:

 - i'm now part of the Amazon affiliate program, which pays a commission on sales from folks who buy certain products i've linked to (books, mainly). when i started this blog, i was linking to Amazon all over the place. it's like the Wikipedia of product references. after hearing about the affiliate program, i figured, "hey, couldn't hurt!" so there we are. if you were going to buy anyway, happy day for everyone.

 - i'm also part of the CD Baby affiliate program, which is where i send most (though not all) of my music links. for artists who i know sell their own work at a price that's better than CD Baby, however, i link directly to the artist (no commission involved).

books and music were part of this blog from the beginning, well before i heard of affiliate programs! there's a part of me that feels queasy linking to consumer sites with a stake in things. that's why this disclosure page is here (not just to meet FTC regulations!). on the other hand, they're sites i shop, sites you shop. and if i manage to make 25 cents off this blog in a year because of some links, well, it's probably better than zero.

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