Monday, October 8, 2012

book pick: Monsters on Machines

it is unseasonably warm here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. really? upper 60s in October? and still NO RAIN?! wow. i'll take it. luckily, i have a 5-year-old to constantly remind me that a major holiday is coming up: Halloween, of course. and all of those other parental bloggers out there are ever-so-much-more on top of things than i am on this one. but you get the procrastiantor's approach to parenting with me. sorry, folks. it is, in fact, thanks to Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas that i owe this post. she came up with a great list of monster books that i urge you to peruse. we'll be checking out a few from her list on our next library trip this week. it got me thinking of the monster book we currently have on our tower o' library books, and since it's been awhile since my last book pick, i figured it's about time to share this one!

Monsters on Machines is by the awesome Deb Lund, who you may know for her dinowriting skillz. my own two little (sillypantses) divas keep coming back to this one. these are cute monsters who work together on a construction site, satisfying Little One's continued hunger for all things digger-ish. the monsters' mommy even makes an appearance with a very satisfying lunch: monsteroni and cheese! it's a colorful, fun read that your little monster will enjoy.

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