Thursday, September 20, 2012

book pick: Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

typically I focus on books already in print. they're usually cheaper that way. but this week i bring you a new book! that's what your local library is for, after all. and that's exactly where we picked up Mo Willem's latest. the author is one of the reasons for highlighting Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs. he's won all those awards for a reason. and when i find an author (or musician) to whom the girls and i go back to again and again, they're worth getting all rah-rah over.

in this retelling, Goldi gets lost in the wrong story. in this one, it's some hapless carnivores hoping to lay a trap for a poorly supervised child, and failing on the level of the Pearls Before Swine crocs. older children will appreciate the goofiness of the substitutions for the familiar story line. (porridge? are you kidding me? what kid would go for porridge? now, chocolate pudding, that's a different story ... no, really, a completely different story.)

like many modern picture books, there are plenty of little inside jokes peppered here and there to give parents a chuckle. Willems comes close to going too far to the parental nudge-nudge-wink-wink side of things, but does a good job of keeping things ridiculous enough that, in reading the story aloud, the kids laugh along with Mom and Dad. (ever wonder how a Norwegian dinosaur's evil laugh might sound? you can finally put the question to rest with this book. i know, phew, right?)

as usual, the tone of the story starts with the inside cover pages of the book. on them, working titles are tried out and then crossed out. Goldilocks and the Three Nutrias? no. Goldilocks and the Three Cyclopes? uh, no. Goldilocks and the Three Major Networks? my favorite, but alas, no.

this reminds me of the fractured fairytale post from forever ago, and how much i'm still crying my eyes out because none of you silly little readers shared your own creations! i'm holding onto mine until you do. i may even add a new one to make my favorite Goldi spin-off come true.

c'mon people. you know you've got that inner snark just waiting to spring forth. it's a new school year, so here's your homework: send your best retelling of The Three Little Pigs or of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to

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