Sunday, September 16, 2012

books with a beat

i'm now also writing for a wonderful children's music company over at the Studio3Music blog! watch for regular posts under the banner of "Books 'n' Beats". the first one, linked here, tells a bit about what i'll be focusing on over there, bending more to the musical side of things and recommending all those books that are fun and have a beat (but maybe are not silly enough for this blog!). children's music selections that won't have Mommy want to claw her face off also will be highlighted (you're welcome).

we had Sweet One in Kindermusik classes through Studio3Music and highly recommend them to anyone living in the Puget Sound region! (you can preview a class for free.) the teachers are fantastic. we especially love Miss Beth!

ps: like this blog, i welcome suggestions from you dear readers for book and music recommendations. you can reach me at

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