Thursday, August 9, 2012

book pick: Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo

you can't say i didn't warn you – that this is a funny book, that is.

Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo is one of our all-time favorite silly books, and until now i didn't really clue in that its author, Karma Wilson, also happens to be a favorite of ours with such repeat-reads as her Bear book series and Baby Cakes.

the repeating phrase in this book, amid the escalating chaos of animals gone wild, makes this a fun one to read. i've had to repair our simple paper-bound Scholastic version more than once – thank you, Scotch tape.

Wilson offers some fun activity ideas to tie in with the book, including a link to some great animal leaf art ideas from the San Diego Zoo. if you're like our family, the zoo probably tops the list of fun excursions. my daughter and i like to admire the enclosures at our zoo and see, if we had to be locked up, which animal has the best set-up? the gorillas have lots of fun – that hammock looks mighty nice after a day of swinging from ropes and eating romaine. but i'm partial to our local jaguar's spot myself, with its waterfalls and abundant foliage, and a nice cool cave for nap time.

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