Wednesday, July 18, 2012

word of the month: excursion

we had a bit of luck with forlorn, due to its suitably dramatic character. but so far we've had the best kid-approved adoption of a new word with this month's selection, thanks once again to our summer bucket lists. one of our summer activity cups is labeled "excursions" and now my 5-year-old longingly eyes it, asking almost daily, "Mommy? can we go on a 'cursion today?"

Pronunciation: ik-primarystressskschwar-zhschwan
Function: noun
Etymology: from Latin excursio, excursion- "a going out," from excurrere "to run out, make an excursion, extend," from ex- "out, forth" and currere "to run" --related toCURRENT
1 a : a short trip for pleasure b : a trip at special reduced rates
2 : a wandering off from the subject DIGRESSION 

so far, our own excursions have included taking a ferry to a beach and trooping around with bug catchers for a hike. we pissed off some seagulls at one, and my daughter helpfully "blasted" away mosquitoes from her Mommy on the other.

this is the perfect word for summer, when fun day trips are all part of the out-of-routine mood. what words are starting to define your summer?

background image for "word of the month: excursion" courtesy picky Girls

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