Wednesday, July 11, 2012

shout-out: 'Star Wars' edition

it's time to give a shout-out to a couple bloggers i admire and follow the cinematic tangent on which they lead me.

this all started with Jennifer Bardsley who makes me laugh every time i read her I Brake For Moms blog. but the one i'm still giggling over is her "I brake for Wookiees" post. Jennifer writes about the lack of maternal role models in the popular movies. "Maybe the reason that boys love 'Star Wars' so much is because George Lucas has imagined a universe where mothers are not necessary," she writes. but if you had to pick a galactic mommy, who would it be?

her own answer is that fuzzy Wookiee, Chewbacca, and you'll have to read the post to find out why (i'm sold).

this reminded me of fellow mother-of-"Star Wars"-loving-boys Miss Jesikah's posts over on the Studio3Music blog about resurrecting the "not-so-dark side" of board games. jump to "Episode 2: Revenge of the Geeks" for some great picks. (we have three of the four spiele des jahres in our closet.)

so then i set about to see who else is blogging about "Star Wars" and parenting. also making me laugh, and with a bit of a stretch on the "Star Wars" theme, is Crazy Adventures in Parenting's Lisa Douglas, who apparently is "The Jedi Master of Lost Crap." i can relate. you probably can, too.

there's even an entire blog dedicated to the world of being a Star Wars Mom. and she has some great ideas, such as "How to Control the Force" (read: calm the freak down!) by imbuing a dollar store item with midichlorian mystery. and Frugal Fun for Boys' take on a light saber made from a pool noodle is awesome. my princess-loving daughter has been playing with a lot of boys lately and is into swords, so we will probably try our own version at some point this summer.

are you a Star Wars Mom? i'm still searching for my sisterhood. all i know is it has something to do with Disney princesses (sigh). let me know if you can relate; we'll start a support group!

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