Thursday, August 23, 2012

book pick: Z is for Moose

A is for apple. B is for ball. C is for cat. D is for ... Moose?! oh, Moose. that risible extant species of the deer family is breaking up the carefully crafted choreography of a much-anticipated new book about the ABCs. director Zebra is close to losing his patience with his friend until he finds a genius solution (as a good director is wont to do). and the result is Z Is for Moose by first-time picture book author Kelly Bingham, illustrated by the preeminent Paul O. Zelinsky.

reading this book aloud was a bit of a trick at first. i use a static narrator voice for the "A is for..." text (think of the lady listing the menu options when you're on hold on the telephone), then jump over myself with different silly voices for Zebra, Moose and the other characters (especially fun is the page with a squishy mash-up of Owl, Pie and Queen ... or is it Pie, Queen and Owl?).

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