Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this week's silly book recommendation: Dinosaur Bob and his Adventures with the Family Lazardo

"he's Me-so-zo-ic and he-ro-ic, and he's real-ly green." it's baseball season, so this week's selection takes a stretch and smacks that theme with green gusto.
Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo (Reading Rainbow Book), by William Joyce (1995, HarperCollins)
parenting young children requires a certain level of willing suspension of disbelief. reality is a flexible thing, and thank God for that. 
Joyce's illustrations in this book are a work of art and do what great illustration does – take an already good story and imbue it with a transporting sense of adventure.

this is actually an expanded version of the original book. it has 16 additional pages of material compared to the early Scholastic version we have at home. William Joyce is a creative talent, whose fantastic imagination extends to animated short films and iPad apps. hopefully this book will intrigue you like it did us and encourage you to explore your family's own sense of imaginative adventure, with shadows as well as sunshine.

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