Tuesday, June 5, 2012

this week's silly book recommendation: Princess Zelda and the Frog

in the back flap of this playful retelling of a classic fairy tale, author and bulldog-lover Carol Gardner says: 'I think we should learn to laugh at ourselves and realize that in life's ups and downs, we are never alone.' the statement cemented this newer book as this week's silly selection.
Princess Zelda and the Frog, by Carol Gardner, photographs by Shane Young (2011, Feiwel and Friends)

some folks may know already of Zelda, apparently a superstar bulldog who has a line of cards and adult novelty books. she's new to us, however. and this is Zelda's first children's book. we stumbled upon the book on the 'new' shelves in our local library's children's section. i am not a dog person, but i might just be a Zelda person. my girls certainly are.

p.s. ... the Portland author states that Zelda is expected to star in another children's book with 'Princess Zelda and the Fairy Grungemother.'

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  1. We are definitely going to try this book out...too funny! Love the frog suite on the cover.

    1. And I have to see what a "Fairy Grungemother" is, too! LOL!