Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this week's silly book recommendation: Yuck!

this is a fun one. it's perfect for the tiny tot set, but goofy enough to get giggles from the poop-jokes set. they did another print run last year, too, and so it's now widely available – and cheap, to boot.
Yuck!, by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom (Frances Lincoln, 2005)
Manning and Granstrom are partners and live in the Scottish Borders; they have four sons. their books have won several awards overseas. this one was a regional winner of the Highland Book Awards in 2006. the book also apparently is featured in an award-winning 2008 British film about an optimistic preschool teacher, "Happy-Go-Lucky."

p.s. ... have you had any luck making your kids eat something to which their first reaction is "yuck"? i've tried the "broccoli trees" approach. zilch. my friend tried green eggs. (an actual yuck.) when it comes to food, even silly doesn't seem to work with my kids. help me out, people!

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