Wednesday, November 7, 2012

recipe: the Mr. Rogers banana snack

like many of you dear readers, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was a staple on my television set. even into the double-digit ages, it was something my brother and i would watch together (if only out of boredom). then came a re-run of episode 1538 (yeah, i looked it up) in which Mr. Rogers focuses on healthy snacks and proceeds to demonstrate an easy treat that latch-key kids can make for themselves. it involved a banana, peanut butter, and raisins. the reaction from my brother and i was the same and simultaneous: "ewwww, gross!" we decided right then and there that we were officially too old to watch this kiddie show and clicked the power button, zapping Mr. Rogers into televised oblivion.

i have no idea why this memory has stuck with me over umpteen years. for some reason it had a lasting impact. perhaps it was for the (one of many) Day of Desperation i reached last week with my kiddos. they're hungry (or bored) and want a snack. what to offer this time?

maybe it was the guy in a banana suit who's been jazzin' it up on the corner daily for a month now. maybe it was Sweet One's recent discovery of a Mr. Rogers spin-off, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. (maybe it was boredom.) in any case, it happened – i resorted to healthy snack episode 1538.

and... it actually tasted pretty good. it's kind of a staple around here now. "Mom? can we have the banana snack?" hm. thank you, Mr. Rogers.

the Mr. Rogers banana snack
- adapted from episode 1538
serves 1

1 banana
creamy almond butter
oat circles cereal (or finely chopped nuts)

1. pour a small amount of cereal into a shallow bowl and set aside (enough to coat half a banana or so).
2. peel the banana halfway or all the way, depending on your child's particular pickyness.
3. take a butter knife or spoon and spread nut butter around banana, about halfway down.
4. roll in cereal (or finely chopped nuts).

sigh, it's a beautiful day...

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