Monday, November 12, 2012

pms week: an overview

it's PMS WEEK here at silly = sane. (annnnnd, all the men just left the blog.)

i got this idea in the middle of a battle with said "syndrome". and i hope all you other silly-minded parents driven insane by hormones will find some sanity in this week's themed posts! because, let's face it, laughing at the extremity of mom nature is the best way of dealing with her fury. hopefully these posts offer something for you to come back to, for a nice reality check when you're in the emotional whirlwind yourself.

here's an overview of where we're going:
today: tsunamis, nuclear warfare, tornadoes ... it's about time there was a mommy warning system. help your family (and your self) stay alert to signs of the hormonal enemy's approach and avoid ambush.
tuesday: pms is not well understood. some doubt that it's as prevalent as we think. those of us with kids know better. breaking down the facts, with tips on how to prepare daughters for their own coming lessons.
wednesday: book picks time! these picture books focus on emotions and help young ones learn to put words to their feelings (and offer helpful reminders to mixed-up mommas).
thursday: a humorous lesson in patience and perspective from guest poster Jes, who writes about avoiding Mt. Momsuvious when channeling our inner Mother Teresa fails. (she's gonna blow! or is she?)
friday: cryminelly and what the sam hill? those aren't on the list, but i'll offer up 5 other non-swear words that are nearly as satisfying as the four-letter word you really want to use.

have your own perspectives to share? or have a blog post of your own on this topic? add a comment to any post, and let's keep the conversation going!

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