Tuesday, December 11, 2012

book pick: Merry Un-Christmas

do you ever find yourself overjoyed that Christmas day has finally arrived — if only because it means it will soon be over? there's so much build-up to the actual day in our over-indulgent society. i don't know what your community was like, but the Christmas product and decorations went up in some of our stores before Halloween. Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday until it was co-opted by Christmas (you did hear, it's now known as Grey Thursday?).

of course, like any good kid, my daughter would love to have Christmas every day of the year — or at least have the holiday alternate every other day with her birthday, to the point that she'd be 200 years old by the time her 6th birthday rolls around (and the decorated tree has spontaneously combusted).

Merry Un-Christmas
here is a silly holiday book pick to fit just this mood. Merry Un-Christmas is written by a former Simpsons writer, which i take as an endorsement of its worthy humor. well-known illustrator David Catrow has already made an earlier appearance on this blog. in this book, Noelle and the other citizens of Christmas Town wake up 364 days of the year to celebrate Christmas. what does this mean for Noelle? a backyard full of ponies, a garage overflowing with bicycles, and an elaborate dinner each night that has become so boring it may as well be a TV dinner. the children of Christmas Town — but especially Noelle — look forward to one day of the year: Un-Christmas Day. no tree, no elaborate dinner, no presents. instead, a single magical day of school, mail, and — well, TV dinners. Noelle wishes every day could be Un-Christmas Day!

if i see one more advertisement for a sparkly princess toy that will break by New Year's, i'll be wishing every day was Un-Christmas Day too!

this post contains a lonely affiliate link, although this book is out of print so i'd recommend trying your local used book store first!

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