Tuesday, May 22, 2012

we make it up as we go along

background from amoraleda
my husband and i have found ourselves recycling familiar tunes into everyday activities. each of our girls has 'their song' that sprouted up before they turned 1.

for the first, it was a revamp of "Santa, Baby" into "Cady, Baby."
Santa Baby

for the second, it was to replace the fine momma beverage in The Champs classic with "Geneva!".
Tequila, Short

for both, changing diapers became less of a struggle by adding words to the instrumental "A-Team" theme song. "diaper time! ba-da-BUM. di-a-per time! ba-ba-da-ba-BUM." (and, hey, why not imagine yourself a soldier of fortune with such a dirty job? extraction team, go!)
The A-Team Theme Song (Instrumental)

what about you? what's your baby's song?

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